For many years now in the parts of Syrian Kurdistan a big social experiment takes place, based on the principals of self-acting and direct democracy. The Kurdish men and women fighters are fighting against the fascist construct of ISIS from one side and the oppression of the Turkish state from the other side. They have managed to change their communities to the core, based in horizontalism, equality, solidarity and ecological balance and all these in a very difficult geopolitical environment.

For the reasons above we started a solidarity initiative that aims to contribute to the reconstruction of Kobanê and to strengthen the liberation struggle of all cantons of Rojava. The Campaign will highlight the political struggle of emancipation of the Kurdish people and the economic support in their fight for survival and self-management of their communities. We call organizations, collectives and groups to support and participate –by organizing events/actions in their cities, financial aid coupons etc– in this campaign that will end with a big co-organized festival in the city of Athens (Greece) next September.

The «initiative of solidarity for Rojava» assembly is created by people from the antiauthoritarian, anarchist and libertarian movement. Apart from the various debates and opinions that we may have on matters of political tactics, we can only be in solidarity with the people of Rojava as we consider their struggle as a part of our struggle for the social liberation.




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